Let us begin with an initial introduction to steel flashing before examining how they help with roofing options, like steel metal roofing or corrugated sheet metal roofing. Steel flashing means installing impervious materials which are pretty light weight. The purpose of steel flashing is to prevent water from entering the roofing structure through the multiple joints. Steel flashing is also used in water resistant roofing options to serve as a barrier system. Before the advent of steel flashing, carpenters employed other methods for minimising the water that could enter the structure by angling the shingles on your roof and the chimney positions around the ridge by providing steps on the side of the chimney to keep the water away.

corrugated sheet metal roofing

Protection from water affecting the structure

After the introduction of flashing products, the amount of water entering the structure through chimneys, openings in doors and windows, walls and vent pipes came down substantially. Consequently, today’s structures are significantly more durable and face minimal problems from mould

Protection from water

With solar panels on roofs becoming popular, it is important to understand that custom flashing can be arranged along with the solar panels to pervert the roof from leaking.

A wide range of materials to choose from

Steel is not the only material employed in flashing. You can choose impregnated paper flashings, rubber, plastic or other metal. Under metal flashings, you have a wide choice as between lead, aluminium, zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper and other architectural metals. Coated metal such as Galvalume, polyvinylidene fluoride, anodised aluminium, coated copper and galvanised steel are also employed in flashing.


Choosing the right flashing material

Expansion joints must be provided when metal is employed in flashing. Over a period, the metal flashings tend to contract/expand apart from the risk of corrosion on account of a chemical reaction. In choosing galvanised flashing, the options lie between steel flashing and aluminium flashing. The choice between these two should be carefully made after considering various influencing factors. While Aluminium is a lightweight material, steel is significantly heavier. The budget, as well as environmental conditions, should be factored in a while making a choice. Aluminium is highly resistant to rust, flexible, and comfortable for working with, particularly for people who opt for the DIY route. Compared to steel, aluminium can be easily manipulated, and even inexperienced carpenters can do a good job working with aluminium flashes.

flashing material

Steel flashing is less expensive compared to other flashing options. Galvanised steel is the second best option regarding cost and comes with a galvanised coating to cover the bare metal. With aluminium or copper, galvanised steel is also cheaper.

How galvanised steel flashing can benefit you

Galvanised steel is a popular material that is available readily for flashing. It will provide protection to the structure of homes as well the surface of the roof from damages caused by weather. Galvanised steel is also an affordable choice among flashing materials. Galvanizing is achieved by providing a coat of zinc. The coating process involves electroplating or hot dipping. Both these methods can produce the desired result. Depending on what the structure needs, there are endless options for homeowners.

Roll flashing

Owners can also opt for roll flashing using sheets with 48 inches width when required. Galvanized nails are used for fastening the galvanised steel sheets. To keep safe from corrosion fasteners made out of other material are not used. Galvanised steel is however not recommended for use in conjunction with treated lumber or green lumber because of the potential reaction with steel.


Long life post installation

Galvanised steel becomes rigid post installation, and the shape will remain stable for long. The best use of galvanised steel flashing is in instances where certain forms and shapes are expected to be retained for long. Galvanised steel flashing can also be painted if the homeowner so desires without any adverse effect on the protection afforded by this type of flashing.

Galvanised steel

How is stainless steel flashing different

Stainless steel flashing is another favourite material that homeowners can consider. The versatility and durable are the primary factors that influence a decision by homeowners to choose this product. Stainless steel is highly resistant to rust, and corrosion and therefore suits many structures without taking into account, the surrounding environment.

The Chromium advantage

The composition of stainless steel flashing also includes chromium which aids better performance. Regarding other options available, stainless steel is established to withstand damages from the weather, thus affording longer life. However, it is important to remember that only the right type of fasteners is used in conjunction with stainless steel flashes. When you consider the reliability and durability of stainless steel flashes, it still ranks among the most affordable flashing solutions for homeowners.

Low on maintenance

Maintenance needs for stainless steel flashing are minimal which works as a great advantage for homeowners with minimum or no knowledge of carpentry work. Post installation, it is desirable to check the system once every year to ensure that there are no structural defects. These inspections can not only give a lot of peace of mind to homeowners but also ensure that any potential problem is addressed at an early stage avoiding expensive repairs later.

Finding the right service providers

Now that you have acquired all the required knowledge on different types of flashings, the next best thing to do would be finding a professional service provider who will supply the required material and also undertake installation. Ideally, homeowners should resist the temptation to go the DIY way, especially as this is not an indoor job and working on rooftops may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

roof tiles

With several climate changes, harsh and unpredictable weather patterns have increased all around the world, and roofs of our homes are now more susceptible than ever, from these severe weather conditions that include, torrential rains, windstorms, and ruthless sunlight. With this global climate change, all such environmental changes are inevitable, so we have to change our lifestyles and be more cautious about maintenance of our homes. One such crucial change is to consistently opt for roof repair and restoration service, as it has become essential now than ever before. Proper and professionally done roof repair not only keep you and your home safe from harsh environmental conditions, but also increase the market value of your house.

A perfectly done rooftop is an excellent face of your home, that escalate chances of your property being sold more quickly, easily, and with a high price. I’ve recently taken professional roof restoration services, and I’m amazed and fully content with the results. Now my home looks good, damage free and clean; and it is clearly an important decision that I’ll surely never regret. In today’s economic conditions, it has become critical to saving every penny and make a good fortune of whichever property you want to sell. So a well cleaned, repaired, and restored roof to its better than original condition, is a guarantee of not only properly maintained living conditions but also elevate the probability of significantly increased the market value of the house. I’d highly recommend everyone, who’s going through minor or greater roof problems, to take preventative measures as early as possible and hire some professional roof maintenance services provider.

Types of Roofs that can Restored

Any roofing structure can be repaired and restored through proper professional services. It is very easy to put a quote in different roofing companies. Get your required services according to the type of roof, and its problems from any business that is affordable and give quality services. Following is the list some of the common types of roofs that are repaired through restoration services,

  • Wooden Shakes or Shingle Roofs
  • Metal Roof (Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Tin)
  • Tiled Roof (Clay or Concrete)
  • Style Roof
  • Rubber/ Plastic Roof
  • Foam Roofs
  • Polyester Roofs
  • Mobile- Home Roof

I have tiled roof, and it was excellently restored, as I got my broken tiles removed and got rid of water leakage problem.

Services Included in the Roof Restoration Process

moss on roof

I had received a full fledged set of services for a complete renovation of a roof. These guys fully understood the condition of the ceiling first and then applied a whole bunch of reforming procedures through various steps and high technological instruments. To be exact, following are some of the different services or measures that are included in roof transformation process,

Initial Roof Inspection:

Roof inspection includes a thorough assessment of overall roof condition. A professionally trained person identify and examine all the minor faults and problems that may not be recognisable trough layman’s eyes. Through thorough inspection of the roof, identification of broken tiles, a presence of lichen or moss, water leakages, damaged flashing, ridges, is marked. A proper roof inspection lay down all the problems to be taken care of, and point out all the specific procedures to solve them.

Roof Preparation and Cleaning:

First of all, after identification all the problems, a roof is properly cleaned and prepared to apply different protecting elements. A high-pressure cleaner is used to remove lichens, moss, algae, and other dirt creating elements. Only after this step, you’ll feel a new life in your roof. Otherwise, only an extremely dirty roof can cause deterioration of its tiles, which eventually leads to a much costly alternate of roof replacement. So, it is highly recommended to restore your roof condition on time.

Re-Bedding, Ridge Capping, and Re-pointing:

It is the point where all necessary procedures are applied to restore the proper face of the roof. It includes re-pointing and re-bedding of all the nooks and corners of the roof and all those points where water leakage problem has been identified. Here, all the loose caps are joined, and it is ensured that tiles are well protected from water leakage and dislodging.

colourful roof

Retaining the Modern Architecture of Roof:

Advancement of technology has touched each and every industry, and there has been a wave of development in modern architecture too. So, with the stylish and trendy architectural designs, maintenance of the roof to its the best condition has become a bit difficult, yet very necessary at the same time. So, hiring a prestigious roofing restoration company can offer some elegant and trendy designs, that will restore the original roof conditions as well as install some stylish roofing structures.

I was mesmerised by a fantastic range of colours and designs that were entirely incorporated with the modern way of roofing and provided an amalgamation of modern technology with a traditional roof. I chose contrasting shades in my roof design, and the final result was absolutely according to my imagination.

Roof Preparation for Coating:

Next, the roof is again cleaned from dust and prepared to make sure that it is ready for final coating.

Roof Coating and Element Protection:

After cleaning and rinsing off all the guttering, a roof is coated with anti-fungal spray which completely inhibits the growth of moss and lichen. Depending upon the type of roof, an acrylic primer is used that makes it look smoother and shinier. Other than good appearance, this primer also fills up any minor holes in the tiles and gives the roof a stronger adhesion with the base. This protective coating ensures the prolonged durability and maximum weather protection.

All this procedure took a few days to completion, and my roof was ready as new. I was totally satisfied with the results and was amazed at the increased market value of my house in the real estate. So all in all, roof restoration was not only beneficial for me to live in my house with comfort and ease, but also removed my financial doubts.